About Us

Discover Art Born from Resilience and Passion

At Diva Watts Designs, we're not just an online art store; we're a tribute to the power of creativity, resilience, and the human spirit. Our journey began with a simple Cricut machine and a heart full of hope.

In 2018, I received a Cricut as an early Christmas gift, and it marked the start of an incredible artistic voyage. Initially, I used it to create custom gifts for my family, pouring my heart and soul into each design. Little did I know, it was a gateway to something profound.

In January 2019, my world was shattered when I lost my beloved daughter, Betty, unexpectedly. Grief washed over me like a tidal wave, leaving me searching for solace and meaning. It was then that I found refuge in art and design. I'd wake up each day and throw myself into the world of creativity, designing from dawn till dusk, using my Cricut as a source of solace and strength.

Through countless hours of relentless dedication, I discovered a remarkable outlet for healing and self-expression. The Cricut, once just a crafting tool, became a companion in my journey through grief. It guided me towards a path of resilience and transformation, leading me to share my passion with the world.

Diva Watts Designs is not just a marketplace for art; it's a canvas for healing, expression, and inspiration. We are committed to sharing the beauty and artistry that arose from this life-altering journey. Our store is a tribute to Betty's memory and a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit.

Explore our collection of unique and heartfelt designs, each a testament to the power of creativity, love, and unwavering spirit. Join us on this artistic voyage, and let our creations find a special place in your heart and home.

Welcome to  Diva Watts Designs – Where Art Heals, Inspires, and Connects.